You are go for Scenariodrome.

Some places in the world are thin. The fabric between this and else, waking and dreaming, is worn and tattered, tearing at the slightest touch. There are those whose avarice for existence exceeds the singluar life they’re alotted. When they find the thin places, they gather there, living other lives, shaping worlds strange and alien. They have entered The Scenariodrome.

The Scenariodrome is a role-playing game venue for players to meet other players while playing. There’s no clubhouse; there are no regular meetings. The calendar here will show upcoming sessions. The wiki will offer information about the games played, the locations, and the hosts. The characters tab will lead to pregenerated characters that have been used for various scenarios.

The focus of The Scenariodrome is the scenario—a short, somewhat self-contained tabletop role-playing game. Campaigns are sometimes featured, as are integrated role-playing and wargaming campaigns, tournament-style setups, and occasional anomalous experiments. Nonetheless, the focus remains one-shot games designed to facilitate introductions among gamers and allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their playstyles. This facilitates players to organize themselves into suitable groups for a more traditional role-playing experience, while maintaining an opportunity to play for gamers without the time or inclination to join a typical group.

Scenariodrome sessions will be played publicly and open to whomever wishes to play, given common-sense restrictions around the number of people per table, suggested age ranges, and other limitations. It exists purely for the fun of playing. If it sounds compelling to you in any way, consider that your personal invitation to join.

The Scenariodrome